Wolly Ireland (Walter Bayer)


My name is Walter Bayer (my friends call me Wolly), I was born in Nürnberg / Germany in January 1971.

I’m living with my wife and my three Kids since August 2006 in Ireland.  I’m always looking for a challenge and like to create things by my own (I know sometimes it would be easier to go and buy those things).  I picked up the fly fishing in May 2007 and the fly tying in December 2007 and since then I can’t get enough of it.
I’m fishing the River Boyne around Trim / Ireland as a committee member of the club. Most time I’m out there for Brown Trout but I also got some nice Pike and Salmon on the fly.

I tied my first fly by using a self-made vice (brass-tube with screw to hold the hook) and using things I was able to find around and inside the house. I was studying plenty of websites and also books to learn a lot about different techniques and I’m still learning. January 2009 I found a very interesting article in one of my favorite magazines about a special way to tie dry flies. There are three crucial characteristics thereby, on the one hand you are not using a “standard” vice and on the other hand the fly is not tied around the hook shank, it’s tied “around” the strings of mono filament fishing line and the hook hangs freely mobile under the fly.

Advantage of this technology is a substantially thinner fly body and the hook swimming under the fly-body serves an unweighted fly-body and makes possible that the fly can follow the given current of water surface more simply in any way. There wasn’t enough information on it so I had to find a way to learn this. Finally I got some information on different websites around the world. Throwing them all together into the bowl I found my own way to tie those flies. This technique is based on the technique of the Italiens, Valter and Ennio de Santis, better known as FACOCCHI-BROTHERS.

After 2 Years tying and trying these flies I got the balance and presentation right.
I have used those flies successfully on the river and got some nice Brown Trout on them. A few friends of mine have used these flies also very successfully on Stillwater as well as on rivers round the globe.

I have been demonstrating this technique at different shows around Europe. I was also mentioned in Magazines and Books and finally got one fly sent to the Masters Fly Collection that’s bequeathed to the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum USA.

contact : outlawflyfisher@gmail.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/outlawflyfisher