Lindsay Simpson

I have been fly fishing and fly tying for over 30 years and it has become an integral part of my life. Learning to fly fish on small Stillwaters in the North East before quickly moving on to Lochstyle fishing. I was a regular visitor to Sweethope back when you had to row the boat to set up your drift. I believe they have motors nowadays! After becoming nearly safe in a boat I ventured to Rutland water where I still fish regularly today. After achieving a few Loch Style Caps for England I turned my attention to river fishing. Starting out with Grayling as something to do in the Winter months while there was not boats on the large Stillwaters. The river fishing became the next rabbit hole that I stumbled down and it took me once again to the competition scene where I tried to get a cap for the rivers. I fished five national river finals and came close a couple of times but no cigar. What the competition scene did do for me was made me a fairly competent angler on the river. I now look forward to visiting new rivers across the world and have fished in France, Slovenia, Czech Republic and most recently the USA. Some folks might view fly tying and fly fishing as the same hobby, I however see them as two distinct hobbies and know a few people that fly fish but do not tie and vice versa. Luckily I enjoy both not quite in equal measure (If I am honest I would rather be out fishing) but well enough as to keep me happy when the weather prohibits fishing. I tie lots of different flies and also enjoy sharing the patterns through photographs and videos on social media. Through my You Tube channel I want to help people get started and improve their fly tying and fly fishing.

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