Ned Maher (host)


Ned is a native of Arderra, Mooncoin who spent most of his youth hunting and fishing in local small rivers and lakes for brown trout and pike. Ned began fly fishing in his mid teens and has not stopped since (not that he wants to!).

Having spent over 20 years in dairy and potato farming, he decided it was time for change, and wanted to try
something different. The idea for a trout fishery was on his mind for some time but when you are milking cows very acre is for grass and not for crazy projects like building a lake for trout fishing.

After lots of research (days off fishing) the idea for his new venture was developed, and so began Ardaire Springs Angling Centre. The Centre opened its gates for the first time in March 2011. At first it was just a fishing venue but the facility soon developed into having an onsite tackle shop which is now a large part of the business. Ardaire Springs is well known throughout the country for its large stock of double figure rainbow and brown trout.  Ned also host trips to British Columbia every year to fish for pacific salmon and steelhead.

After the success of the first Irish Spring Angling Fair in 2022 Ned has decided to make it an annual event.
Ned firmly believes that Ardaire Springs is the perfect venue, it offers an abundance of space and
opportunity for demonstrations ,try before you buy area and a dedicated kids zone.
Ned would also like to extend a large thank you to a loyal group of friends traders demonstrators and all
involved who have worked tirelessly with him in ensuring the Show will be a major success.