Fly Tying

We will have a dedicated fly tyers area at the show, featuring pro tiers from Ireland and abroad including top names.  There will be a designated have a go area where beginners and kids can try their hand at tying a fly.

predator flies (John Maduro, Stuart Wylie)

trout flies (Lindsay Simpson, Peter Driver, Jimmy Tyrrell, Philippa Hake, Joe Stitt, Arthur Greenwood, Darius Simkus, George Burdess, Kevin Sheridan, George McGrath, Kevin Oates).

salmon flies (Sean Deeney, Melvyn Wood, Kevin Sheridan, David Collins, Anthony McCann, Evo Smyth, Karl McMonagle).

This is addition to some of our angling celebrities and demonstrators who are also awesome fly tyers such as Craig Barr (flash attack flies), Stuart Wylie (pike), Jason O Riordan (saltwater) and Steffan Jones (sea trout).

We will also have a number of well known local fly tyers tying their patterns on Fly Tyers Row including Kevin Lafford, Pat Quigley, and Rich Odlum.