Darius Simkus

Darius Simkus is a well known competitor among Irish anglers. Darius has vast experience in all aspects of fishing, but his true passion is fly-fishing and competing in its sport. He is based in Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland. He specialises in competition nymph fishing and its many attributes. Dry fly, Wet fly and Streamer fishing are all integral parts of his abilities also to catching fish across Ireland and abroad. Darius ties his own flies & patterns, which he has worked on over the years, thus successfully rewarding him with many great catches and competitions. Darius has represented Ireland by competing in European & World Fly-fishing championships over the last 10 years. Captaining an Irish river team in Wales at ITFFA Internationals also, and reaching podium positions in many along the way. Here at home, Darius has achieved a National River title, as well as multiple provisional titles during this time, allowing him to progress onto Irish teams. 

As Darius says, “if you put in the time, practice and effort to what you want, results will follow”. Which has been key in Darius approach to many competitions and events in the past, thus having a positive outcome. “I like competing in competitions, they can be tense, but quiet enjoyable. You get to meet new people, create friendships, learn new tricks and enjoy new locations to fish”. 

Feel free to get in contact with him for information on Irish rivers setups and some patterns to use. dariussimkus2018@gmail.com