Evo Smyth

Living in Co.Longford, Evo started fly fishing more than a decade ago. Taking the path from novice to seasoned fly angler, Evo was always looking to adapt various fly fishing styles used in different parts of the world to local rivers and lakes. Attempts to adopt fishing styles used in North America and Canada subsequently led to a need for different flies to be used and a shortage of them in local angling outlets resulted in Evos first attempts of fly tying. Evo now is involved in the fly tying art for decade with the main focus on Irish lake flies. Popularity growth in flies tied by Evo has led him to become a professional fly dresser despite ambitions and achievements in education where he holds a Masters Degree in Business Studies; Evo has fully dedicated himself to fly dressing art. Evo has contributed to “The Fly Tyer’s Art” by Toni Lolli, a book featuring 33 international fly tyers and their work and also was featured in “Cast Away” magazine showcasing his flies for Midlands of Ireland. Recently, Evo has become part of the Kopter Flies Friends Team. Taking part not only in the ongoing supply to anglers with required flies, Evo is actively involved with various fundraising activities associated with angling such as youths development sponsorship, casting for recovery sponsorship and sponsorship of angling clubs of which he is involved.

Seen by Ned Maher at 11:08