Rich Odlum

Hi my name is Rich Odlum, from Wexford. I began fishing from the age of 11 or 12 with my father. He  would bring me to his home village of St. Mullins on the barrow. Although we didn’t start out fly-fishing I  was quickly drawn to it and within a few years had self taught on a single handed split cane rod that was  my great grandmothers. By 13 I had my first tying job earning pocket money tying some trout flies for  the local tackle shop.  

My progress greatly improved when I was 17 with the introduction of a drivers licence and I think I  probably visited every river in Wexford that year! Since then my travels have extended to all over the  country and even Iceland in the last few years. I mostly fish the Slaney, Nore and Blackwater, but  occasionally take trips to the west and north also. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some Fantastic guides  and fisherman on my travels and they’ve been fundamental in me learning my trade in fly-tying.  

In recent years my fishing life has been reinvigorated by my children’s involvement in fly-fishing. I think  it’s every anglers dream to be able pass on their knowledge and watch as they themselves develop their  own technique and style.  

Looking forward to meeting all fellow anglers at the show and discuss patterns and techniques. Regards Rich Odlum